Sunday, April 17, 2005


Once there was a rich man who had several sons. He had 1008 gold coins. One day he overheard his sons talking about the money. They were saying how they hoped their father would hurry up and die so that they could get their hands on the money.

The man decided to teach his sons a lesson. He went to see his neighbour and asked him if he might take care of the money after he died. But he made him promise that he would not give the money to his children until they had learned the lesson he intended to teach them. He told the neighbour to direct the children to the farm and to tell them that the money was buried there somewhere. When the man died the neighbour did exactly that.

The sons went to the farm and began to dig - as the neighbour had told them - as instructed - that the money was buried somewhere on the land of the farm. They dug and dug and dug but found nothing.

They began to feel that their father or their neighbour had played some strange trick on them. But they could do nothing about it. Finally one of the brothers said - "We might as well plant some seeds in the ground that we have tilled in our search for the treasure." They planted a thousand and eight pumpkin seeds and from those seeds grew 10 000 pumpkins. They sold the pumpkins and made a profit of 3 gold coins....and so they continued with this for many years. Finally after many years they had stockpiled 1008 gold coins. When they had made this much money the neighbour came to see them and in his hand he carried the 1008 coins that his father had hidden from his sons all these years. The neighbour told the sons the story of how he had overheard them talking about their wish that he would die so that they could have his money.

He said that when they had earned the same amount as their inheritance then they would have earned their inheritance also - because then finally they would know the real value of money. Only people who work can ever really know the value of money. Those, to whom it is just given by virtue of their birth rarely learn it's true value. Because money is nothing but a symbol of our contribution to helping life processes move forward in an orderly way - that is if it is money that is born of love and right livelihood.

The sons decided to give the money their father had earned to charity.