Thursday, December 07, 2006

Stolen manhole covers?

"Currently the south-western monsoon is in full swing. Chennai is of course in the south-east of India but the rains appear to have no respect for geography and there is a regular downpour every evening at the moment. Yesterday night we were attempting to get home by autorickshaw after the rain had subsided, only for the main road to have turned into a large lake. Undeterred our rickshaw-wala put his foot to the floor and charged into the maelstrom at a good 10mph. Given that autos have a ground clearance of about 15cm the predictable happened and we stalled in the middle. There was nothing for it but to wade out into the murk and push... Happily no-one had stolen the manhole covers, as occurs in some of the flood-prone metros here!"

by Matthew Mayer